Security incidents linked to Al-Qaeda (JNIM) in western Mali

In light of the recent attacks near Bamako, here are two maps highlighting the spread of JNIM militants in western Mali. In the past months, JNIM attacks have expanded from northern Koulikoro to areas closer to the capital city.

On July 22, 2022, JNIM’s complex attack in Kati showed their ability to reach Bamako. The assault made use of two SVBIEDs, and was part of a larger network of coordinated attacks. (More context here).

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Since the beginning of 2023, JNIM has conducted seven new attacks in western Mali, including two in Kassela and Forentoumou, both of which are within a 50km radius of the capital city.

This map highlights only 20 days (!) of activity.

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Of note, the double attack on January 2, 2023, in Kassela and Marka-Coungo, left 7 people dead and targeted a forest guard station, a toll booth, and a civil defense post. All are located on the RN6, a road leading directly to Bamako.